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Carolina Ag & Equipment Group, LLC—ABOUT US


Centrally located to North and South Carolina, Carolina Ag & Equipment Group, LLC (CAEG) was founded in 2013 near Charlotte, North Carolina as a natural outgrowth of related business activities of The Baucom Group. When we say we know our products and our customers’ needs, we mean it! The backbone of our business is a 13,000 acre row crop operation which covers 11 counties across North and South Carolina. Farmer, business owner, and entrepreneur Allan L. Baucom started farming in 1977 on his family’s 100 acre farm just north of Monroe, North Carolina. Over the years commodities produced have included hogs, cotton, corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, canola, turf grass, strawberries, potatoes, cucumbers, fresh produce, and now peanuts. Later, Baucom Service, Inc. (BSI) was founded as a true 24/7 heavy truck, trailer, and equipment repair company to service A.L. Baucom Family Farms’ equipment in addition to outside customers’ truck and fleet needs. The year 2014 saw the expansion of Falcon Soil Technologies Group, LLC, a company focused on soil research, development, and manufacturing of the Falcon Automated Soil Sampler which recently won Farm Industry News Magazine’s “FINovation” award. In 2015, a NAPA Heavy Duty Auto Parts retail store was opened in nearby Locust, North Carolina along with a NAPA depot within the BSI service location in Monroe. Our goal is to be “Equipment and Transportation’s Complete Service Solution!”



Since CAEG’s inception, we have delivered over 60 new and used Trinity Eagle Bridge™ belt trailers (Boise, ID) across the United States to farmers and fleet owners who seek safer, faster, more efficient ways to move bulk commodities. In 2015 we added the Platinum Series™ aluminum grain trailer line from Stoughton Trailers (Stoughton, WI) and high-quality aluminum livestock trailers from Barrett Trailer (Purcell, OK), selling 18 of these units during our first year despite a challenged farm economy. CAEG recently became a dealer for Construction Trailer Specialists (Sikeston, MO) so we can deliver end dump trailers, side dumps, bottom dumps, rock dumps, demolition dumps, and steel grain trailers and peanut hopper bottoms to buyer specification. What’s more, we now offer AirWeigh™ on-board scale products, Shurco tarp products, and CleanFix® reversible cooling fans which can be installed on virtually any new or used truck and/or trailer!

Our current customer base spans the United States, Central America, and Australia. Sellers look to our equipment consignment services to help market their used trucks, used trailers, tractors, combines, farm equipment, construction equipment, and attachments to worldwide buyers through online listings and auction venues which include,,,, and others.


We love working with customer just like you. Full-time farmers and part-timers who need equipment and financing to seize new opportunities. Business owners exploring alternative ways to haul products. Sellers with too many assets and too little time. Entrepreneurs who need expert equipment advice along with financing options. Our experienced staff is honored to work with these individuals; we welcome the opportunity to become your trusted equipment sales and service advisor, as well.


Mark Gardner, Division Manager: Mark has been with the Baucom Group over four years and serves as division manager over the BSI Rental Division, Carolina Ag & Equipment Group, and Auto Parts of Locust, LLC (NAPA store). Mark has over 40 years’ experience in trailer service, repairs, sales, and rentals in the Charlotte region. His combined technical and managerial experience is highly valued.

Matthew Tomberlin, Inside Sales and Marketing Manager: Matthew has been with the Baucom Group over four years and heads up our inside sales department and marketing campaigns. Matthew has over 12 years’ experience in the ag industry including John Deere dealership involvement and row crop farm operations. He enjoys using his knowledge to help customers find the right equipment.

Matthew Tomberlin

Sales and Administration
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Mark Gardner

Rental Manager
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